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I am a Photographer

Tommy M.

Life is a journey!

Photography is a passion to create and preserve the value of that journey. 


I always believe photography is a way to “freeze” those cherished moments and memories for future generations. Memories in time that cannot be reproduced, and without a camera, they would be lost forever. 


So, every day, I pursue the love of photography and have learned new and creative ways to see the world through camera lenses. I have decided in my journey through life to offer my services as a wedding & special events documentary photographer. I look forward to showing you my unique and simple perspective in capturing precious moments and memories as a way to preserve them for years to come. 


My journey continues, and I hope you will join me!


Bride’s Choice competition

“Best photo of the year”


Bride’s Choice competition

“Photographer of the year”

Grand Prize

“Only First Half Competition”


Grand-Prize Winner


Check available dates

Our photography services are always in high demand and can be booked up to one year in advance.

Please submit your request for service as soon as possible to confirm your date.

I will appreciate as many details about your particular venue, dates, theme and other aspects, as you’d be willing to share.