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As the best Dallas Maternity Photographer group, we recommend scheduling your maternity photography session 4-5 weeks before your due date. To get better results, we prefer to take all the maternity photos very early in the morning. There’s no doubt that an overcast day will offer the best light for your photography session. We are always trying to avoid the harsh sun that creates shadows around the eyes and neck.

At MyDFWEvent.com, all our photo shoots must have a deposit to confirm a photography session. But what happens if it rains that day? We understand that Maternity Photography is very time sensitive and we try to reschedule to the next available date ASAP!

Some families wait a little longer to take the maternity photos and that creates a stress on the scheduling. If your maternity session is delayed for anything other than weather and you are running out of time, the deposit is usually credited to a Newborn Photo Session. Please keep in mind that Newborn Photography sessions are “different” and the price on the newborn photo sessions will be higher.

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting news a couple could receive. Couples often dream of this moment their whole life. Some families try for years and are finally granted this true gift.

Finding a newborn photographer to capture these amazing moments can be stressful.  Trying to find someone who has experience with newborn baby photography along with affordable pricing that fits in your budget can be difficult. We are one of the biggest and most affordable baby and newborn photographers in the DFW Metroplex. With over 15 years of experience, We know how to capture your newborn posing. As you look through our online galleries you will see that we can accommodate different the parents style.  We have worked with countless new parents and infants to create beautiful breath-taking photos.


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